Cigar Smoking Motel

Michelle Austin - Cigar Smoking Motel

I have been smoking on and off for many years. Now that I am older I try to only do it socially. I have never had a cigar but a fan of mine asked me if I would do a cigar smoking shoot. So this is as requested by my fans!

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Threesome Action with Belle & Delilah

Michelle Austin - Threesome Action with Belle & Delilah

I had a friend and new girl to the site drop by my place this past weekend and she brought along her girlfriend. Her girlfriend happens to be BBW Pornstar Delilah Black. I found out she had a crush on me, so I said let me watch you two make out. As I was watching I got very turned on. I never been with a woman before but it was so hot that I had to join in!

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Balloon Sitting

Michelle Austin - Balloon Sitting

So my bday is in a couple of weeks and I was playing with some balloons. It was a lot of fun sitting on them, popping them with my big ass and the jacking off onto them! See my big white creamy load all over that pink balloon!

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Dildo Fuck

Michelle Austin - Dildo Fuck

I was horny and wanting to get fucked bad but no one was around to help me. So I pulled out my favorite toy this 10 inch dildo. It felt so amazing to stick that nice dildo up my tight ass!

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Vintage Fleshlight

Michelle Austin - Vintage Fleshlight

I love the vintage pinup style. I have always been a fan of that look. I plan on trying to bring that into my site often. So today I out on this lovely corset that a fan/friend of mine Tom bought me and played with my Fleshlight for the first time. I have never fucked a pussy before so this is the closest thing to real one. It was very nice, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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Belle Minet in Black

Michelle Austin - Belle Minet in Black

Belle Minet was brought to me via online through a friend. She was very interested in doing some modeling for my site. She is a very sweet girl and just starting her transition. We spoke for months before I got to shoot her. But when we did, I found out she is one kinky lil girl and will be featured more here on the site!

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